Thursday, May 28, 2015

Exploring La Quinta Thrift Stores

I had three days to explore the desert outside of the Coachella Music Festival, so I spent my time finding great thrift stores to share with you. Old Town La Quinta is pretty charming and my first stop was Finder's Thrift. They don't have clothing but they do have jewelry and records and lots of other treasures. I purchased a $1 bagged jewelry and got this great necklace. It actually is nicer than one I purchased in Palm Springs for a lot more, (I think I've learned my lesson the expensive one already broke and I only wore it once). Here is a link to their Facebook page:

Their sweet mascot!

My next stop was just around the corner at Angel View. The store was huge and well lit with so much merchandise from clothing for everyone, accessories, handbags and home goods as well. This seems to be the largest charity in the desert and they help children and adults with disabilities, so buying here is supporting the people they serve. I found so many thing to buy but I came away with a beautiful silk charmeuse skirt by Oscar De La Renta for $7.99 and a beautiful embroidered vest for $3.99.

Such a great way to shop, and it makes you feel good too! 
Here is a link to their locations.

Last stop, the good 'ol Good Will! They are everywhere, they all look the same, have tons of stuff and it's all arranged by color. The one I shopped is in the New part of La Quinta.  I bought this beautiful blue silk tie dyed slip dress for $8.00! It fits perfectly, a great addition to my summer wardrobe!

If any of you would like to share your favorite vintage or thrift stores let me know I am always on the lookout for new places!