Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Double Take Consignment Boutique.

I found another awesome store that has quickly become one of my favorites. 
Double Take Consignment in Encinitas.

When you step through the doors it feels like a cute, sunny expensive boutique. The walls are painted a beautiful warm yellow shade and colored bottles line shelves above the racks, even the dressing rooms are adorable.

They have a great assortment of clothing and the prices are really good, I can't believe I didn't check it out before. I remembered thinking it must be expensive as I would walk by, a great example of not judging a book by it's cover! I could have purchased a Gucci pale pink shirt for $25.00 but I really didn't need it, Pale pink is one of my favorite colors and I just couldn't justify another addition (now I wish I had).

I did buy a beautiful orange (another one of my favorite colors) striped dress that fits the 70's trend without looking too 70's, $13.99

I went back just the other day and bought a Free People black and white striped maxi dress $19.99. It will be great for the beach this summer (or shopping or the movies), it is so comfy, I my never take it off!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fashion Week vs Everyday Fashion!

I look forward to Fashion Week, everyone of them even the most obscure! Prague just finished today and believe it or not Kiev starts Thursday. It's entertainment for those of us that are not (or no longer) in the fashion industry and shouldn't be taken too seriously. The more you watch the more you realize that it is all a matter of taste and finding your look that you feel comfortable in and shows the world who you are! 

I admire designer fashion much like I appreciate art, I wouldn't pay the crazy prices for it (or I would have to frame it) but I do enjoy looking at it. Every season basic silhouettes 
are always in style, black and white is timeless and florals are always in style for spring (what a surprise)! I try to stay away from anything with too many details, and my cardinal rule, if you remember wearing it before (like in high school), don't wear it now. This will difficult as the 70's are back (it was the 60's before and it makes me wonder if the 80's are next) and I will try my best to stay out of flared jeans! 

Fashion is rarely ground breaking and like the song "Everything Old is New Again" fashion is recycled over and over again. That is one of the reasons I love shopping at thrift stores. One of the current trends I really wanted to find was a fringe skirt that would be appropriate for the real world. Isabel Marant's Spring 2015 has a beautiful fringe woven silk wrap skirt that retails for $510. I found two (on the same day) at Thrft Traders which I purchased for $2.00 a piece. Both ironically in style, one is silk gingham (with tags) and the other a woven ethnic print. I love them both and can't wait to wear them!