Monday, December 22, 2014

Woodstock Flea Market in Honor of Joe Cocker!

As I was writing this entry it just seemed so fitting to post it today! 

Joe Cocker was an icon of the 60's and so was Woodstock! He had been in the music business for many years but Woodstock made him famous everywhere. His cover of the Beatles "With a Little Help From My Friends." even became the theme song for the sitcom "The Wonder Years" another favorite of mine. RIP Joe Cocker, we will miss you. 

Woodstock seems to have retained their earthy roots! Mower's Flea Market is an amazing collection of clothing, jewelry, art and more held every weekend (except in winter) in a beautiful bucolic meadow. A favorite market of mine, I go whenever I am back in New York. It is closed for winter but will open again with the flowers and spring.

The majority of merchants sell second hand and antiques. Really amazing items. I have purchased so many things here but my favorite has to be the jewelry line Fleurs Jolies! The owner/designer has been purchasing vintage buttons from the same warehouse for thirty years. Her designs while maybe not a cheap fashion fix, are so beautiful and special, a true vintage recreation! 

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