Monday, September 1, 2014

Just in Time for Fall Fashion!

Summer is officially over, Labor Day is here, and so I decided today would be the day I start my new fashion blog. It is an expansion of My Cheap Fashion Fix from my original blog: I Didn't Lose a Husband, I gained Closet Space!

It also happens to be the same day the article I wrote for covering the fall fashion trends posted. I hope you will check it out-

10 Must Have Runway Fashion Trends For Fall 2014
By Carol Johnson, Guest Author - September 01, 2014
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fashion feature image.jpg

With this blog I hope to share (or at least try to) the idea that fashion doesn't have to be expensive to be great. Fashion should be fun, and used to express who we are at any given moment. There are a lot of great deals out there, and vintage is fabulous since fashion is never really new it is recycled over and over again. So I hope you join me on my new blogging trail!

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