Friday, September 5, 2014

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

I found the greatest cheap fashion fix and this one is free (well, as long as you have a phone or computer with internet access). New York Fashion Week is streamed live on: or you can watch most of your favorite designer's runway shows rebroadcast on the same site.

I'm having fun watching the live shows and living vicariously. The shows (if the times are correct) never start on time. The hum from all of the people visiting before the show ceases immediately at the first sign of the show starting. I have a front row seat just like a celebrity or famous fashion blogger and I didn't have to suffer through a long flight to New York (in coach) or pay a huge price to stay in a hotel to do it. (Not to mention money spent on cab rides and time stuck in traffic.)

From what I have seen so far, some of the trends in three words: pale, lace and laser cut. The one show I watched that made me feel like I was on vacation was Desigual. The clothing was a riot of color and bold florals. The models wore smiles and floral headbands that girls going to Coachella would kill for.

I can't wait to see which pieces show up in the stores!

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