Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fashion Week: Street Fashion Around The World!

On the runway fashion is shown almost as if in a dream. Tall unsmiling perfect models appear out of nowhere, gliding past the crowd on an empty "street" wearing perfect pristine outfits, never acknowledging the humans that have gathered to watch. 

Life is not perfect. Fashion shouldn't be either! That's why there are always magazine and web columns of "who wore it best" or lately comparing Taylor Swift to Amal Alamuddin because they have been photographed wearing the same outfits (yes, more than once). 
Fashion seems easy if you have the money to buy a complete designer outfit but I believe fashion should be a more personal, interactive experience. 

I am hoping to add more street styles to my blog. The real people on the streets that have a personal style of their own. Someone who is able to take a designer outfit if they have the money to buy it and make it their own, or like most of us without that money to dress like ourselves and be happy in our own "skin."

Here is the links to my Street style Pinterest:

I picked the most interesting fashions but believe me there were plenty of jeans and t's worn even to Fashion Week, showing that not everyone bows down before the fashion gods.

I wanted to show street fashion from the LA shows but I am really sad to say that there were only one or two people that wore interesting outfits. The one below is mine, a macrame back top worn with a vintage Da Nang camouflage silk skirt, which I purchased at a DAV store for $4.95! 

Sorry about the focus, my friend is not a good iphone photographer ;)

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