Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today on a LA news radio channel, I heard a most disturbing statistic. The average US citizen throws out 70 pounds of clothing per year, that is horrible news. What is one person's trash is another one's treasure (at least to me)! 

So to celebrate I went shopping at a DAV (Disable American Veterans) store, after all this week we did celebrate Veteran's Day. (DAV is a great place to donate EVERYTHING, even buttons!) For $37.10 I got all of this! Every piece piece is in perfect condition (well, except maybe the record but it is really old).

Here is what I purchased from left to right:

Jacket is 100% hand felted wool, made in Nepal. It looks like a piece of art, I love it and will probably never get to Nepal-$3.95.

Fuchsia slip dress (one of my favorite styles) 100% silk by Ann Taylor-$3.95.

Black rayon lace slip dress (told you) by Nicole Miller New York City-$2.95. 

Grey striped dress with real leather straps by a Dutch clothing company called Not The Same (average price for dresses $125.00)-$3.95.

Have to have an ugly Christmas sweater for holiday parties. This one is beautiful-$3.95.

Had to get the vintage hat, when you find them in perfect condition why not?-$2.65. 

The shoes were $6.00 a pair, the mules are leather Dr Scholl's and have decorative 
topstitching, they will look great with jeans and the booties are dark blue leather made in Brazil.

The 78rpm is Romeo Nelson's "Head Rag Hop" from 1929-$0.95. It does't look very scratched and it may actually play, but the history just makes it so cool!

So this was my haul, such a great shopping day! If you are tired of your clothing have a trading party with your friends. You can donate, and most places pick up. 
Or recycle; here is a link:

So please repurpose, recycle and reuse!

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