Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Love Thrift Stores!

I have never wanted to dress like other people. I don't enjoy the experience of walking into a department store and seeing a dozen pieces of the same dress or blouse. 
That's why I love shopping at thrift stores, they are a great way to find a unique piece 
to add to your wardrobe or try a new style without spending a lot of money. 

Thrift stores are also great because they are repurposing unwanted items and 
supporting a good cause. The down side is you can't return items so you need to be 
sure you want the item or be willing to donate it again!
I have found a lot of brand new items, clothing that people thought they wanted but 
never had the chance to wear. Now they are my treasure until I decide to donate them 

Here is my newest find in one of the must have trends for fall: gray!

I purchased this brand new INC silk skirt for $5.00 (original price $96.00) on a day 
they were holding a half off women's clothing sale at 

This photo is a detail from the current Anthropologie catalog showing this style is current.
This skirt retails for $228.00.

Thrift on!


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