Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Great Bargain Hunting Websites, Part 1.

In time for holiday shopping, my gift to everyone: sharing great bargain websites.

Years ago when my son was acting, he and a cute girl were cast is a film.  Her mother was a lively, beautiful redhead. It turns out she had a website for bargain shopping, how awesome is that? She travels all over the Los Angeles area getting the lowdown on sample, store and warehouse sales. I even heard her on the radio giving out bargain advice, so cool to hear her voice again!

That was years ago before I started blogging and here I am able to share her information. It's funny how our lives are connected, and we meet people that later become important in some way.  

She has information on deals for everything from services to groceries and furniture.
You can sign up for her newsletter, here is the link to her site.  http://www.bargainsla.com/

Happy shopping!

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